Monday, June 21, 2010

Should registered sex offenders be coaches?

Should registered sex offenders be coaches? Senator Charles Schumer says, "No!"

"Convicted sex offenders should not be able to hold any job or volunteer position where they have interaction with children in New York or across the country, period," Schumer said. "The fact that these sex offenders are able to coach our children's teams, operate rides at fairs, and teach them dance and music is beyond scary and we must take immediate action to stop it. My hope is that my new legislation closes this huge loophole so no children are put into harm's way."

Additional jobs that could come under the measure would be tutors, youth mentors, workers at recreation centers, video arcades, and children's museums.

The measure would require states to pass laws prohibiting employment of sex offenders in those private sector jobs or lose out on specific federal funding.

On the surface, such a law seems to make sense, as many of these sex offender laws do. Unfortunately, the label, "sex offender", is applied all too broadly. Consider the young man in college who attends a party with his girlfriend. They have too much to drink. Lines are blurred. She says that he crossed one. He takes a plea deal to avoid going to jail. He has to register as a sex offender. He later marries and has a family and lives a productive life in society. Should he be prohibited from being a coach of his son's Little League baseball team?

Of course, such a federal law is a long away from being passed. Even if such a federal mandate is enacted, states may well choose to ignore it, as they recently have other federal sex offender laws.


Anonymous said...

Schumer has emerged as another shameless elected official who is using the sex offender as a way distract the public's attention away from the criminals of the financial world (Wall Street) who fund his campaign for elections, and at the same time feeding the hysteria of sex offender registry and restrictions as he is pretending that he is actually doing something in Congress. Introducing tougher sex offender laws is a win-win situation for a politician and a way to gain votes.

Keep up the good work of your articles and all the rest.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Schumer has lost my respect. I will not vote for him just because of this ignorant proposal and pandering. Plus this proposal is just another shotgun approach to an already over bearing bunch of laws branding all sex offenders.

Anonymous said...

To many offenders are forced into a worthless life. Unable to find work, to start over with their family. To go back to school or college. They then give up and turn to crime just to have food to eat. How many would be great EMT's, Teachers, Nurses. Would poss no risk because the nature of the crime was not what most would consider a "crime". I 18 yo having consensual sex with their 16 yo mate etc. Keep the children safe yes. But lets not keep the public in danger for "crimes" that would not pose a danger

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing an ever-more-common thread of distinguishing CHILD-sex offenders from all others, and as that being somehow "worse," or "more dangerous." Please, read the studies and do the math. Child sex offenders are the LEAST likely sex offenders to re-offend; in fact, if one looks at the DOJ and AZ DOC studies, they count as "recidivism" merely being "arrested" for anything, and the numbers are still incredibly low. Next, do some victim research, and find that one in three women and one in just under 5 men "acknowledge" being sexually abused sometime in their childhoods. There's about Two Hundred Million Adults in the U.S.A.; which means roughly 20 Million Male victims + 33 Million Female victims = 55 MILLION VICTIMS! There's roughly a million convicted sex offenders (800,000 on register, and 200,000 that aren't required to.) Contrary to all this stuff about the "18 and 16-year-olds" they are a vast minority - it's mostly comprised of "adult-child" offenders, who average 3-5 (admitted) victims (keep in mind, most offenders are prosecuted for only one victim.) So "do the math," and that leaves about 15-20 Million UN-prosecuted offenders likely "at large." Finish the math and look at the Risk - your child has a one in twenty chance of being molested by a convicted offender, and a one in THREE chance of being molested by anyone BUT a convicted former offender. And you want to squander resources on monitoring, regulating, and taking away constitutional rights? WAKE UP AMERICA AND THINK FOR YOURSELVES!

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